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🎗️  Welcome to ExEgypt twinning project, your gate to discover the world.

In our twinning projects, we provide the chance to explore a new country, enjoy its culture, indulge in its novelty, and be a citizen of the world. Expanding your horizons and perspective.
The project is curated professionally and immaculately with experience in hosting and organizing more than 30 twinning programs in the past 5 years. Partnering with EMSA and AMSA international.
Our utmost joy is giving more people the chance to travel and indulge in new countries, learning their host’s culture while also applying and practicing their medical knowledge. Either to our own students or the incomings. Where they both get a once-in-a-lifetime to indulge in a new life for 2 weeks.
The program:
In our project, we host the participants from the twinning faculty where they would do their exchange for 10-14 days in Ismailia and send ours to do their twinning program at your faculty. and city.
The host city:
Ismailia, a truly magical city in the middle of the Suez Canal, you get to watch endless greenery scenes, breathtaking sunsets, gorgeous gardens, special outings, and most importantly eating yummy mangoes and sweetest strawberries.

  • The program is divided into 2 main categories.

🖇 1-Scientific program:

A precisely and professionally curated program for our incomings is a cornerstone in our twinning project as we aim to give our participants the chance to apply and practice their medical knowledge while increasing and sharpening their skills.
It takes place in the Suez Canal University hospitals.
The incomings will round in various departments, Internal medicine, emergency, and surgery departments according to the availability.
The educational program is 10 hours of condensed medical sessions.
The sessions vary from lectures, clinical rounds, hands-on experience, observing, and assisting in operations and procedures.

🖇  2-Social program:

When it comes to fun Egyptians know how to do it best and our social program is simply top-notch with a wide variety of experiences, outings, excitement, and long-living friendships
The program is extra special as it gives you the chance to experience Egypt’s majestic beauty from east to west, visiting its multiple extraordinary cities
hint: each city has its own vibe

The program includes the following:

📌 One-day trip to Sokhna:
If you ever come to Egypt, you cannot miss the Red Sea with its deep blue water and breathtaking sceneries and what is better than experiencing the sea on a yacht trip, you may even have the chance to spot some dolphins.

📌 One-day trip to Port Said
The sweetest and most unique small city you can enjoy in the Mediterranean, a small city yet filled with culture and stories in every corner, where you can enjoy a good bonfire by the beach listening to its special Semsemya melodies.

Extra trips (with additional fees):
📌 Cairo (one night 2 days)

In the city of A Thousand Minarets, with tales as old as time, in every street, you get to see and witness history dating back up to 7000 years, the city of endless stories and vibrance where people never sleep.
From visiting the majestic ancient pyramids to seeing its dazzling museums, witnessing the Coptic and Jesus trip, and indulging in its Islamic history finally reaching our modern days. All is found in Cairo!!

📌  Alexandria (one night 2 days)
The Jewel of the Mediterranean is calling you, to travel through time and history to witness the ruins of the Roman Empire, then immediately coming back to our modern yet antique city lying bravely in front of the great Mediterranean waves.
Pro tip: you can actually think about the Roman Empire here *IKYK*

Your accommodation will be in New Palace Hotel Ismailia, the historic accommodation with its perfectly located city center location.

Air-conditioned transportation inside the city and on the trips.

The fees will cover:

  • Scientific program at Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University, Suez Canal University Teaching Hospitals with the privilege of choosing between various departments.
  • Air-conditioned Accommodation in Ismailia, Egypt.
  • Transportation during the whole twinning period in air-conditioned buses.
  • 2 meals per day, during all working days.
  • A spectacular social program aiming to cover all marvelous places in Egypt.
  • One-day trip to Port said city
  • One-day trip to Sokhna
  • Official certificate after completion of the program.
  • 24/7 support team.

This opportunity is for all students all over the world.

The official language for our course is English.

📬  To apply please contact: