Option 1: High Quality Hotel Rooms
Our high-quality hotel rooms offer a luxurious and comfortable stay for your summer or winter school accommodation needs. Each room is designed to provide a pleasant and inviting environment for studying, relaxing, and unwinding after a long day of classes and social activities. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities and are meticulously maintained to ensure a pleasant stay.


  1. Air Conditioning: Our hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioning systems, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your preference.

  2. Separate Bathroom: Each room has a private bathroom, ensuring privacy and convenience during your stay.

  3. Refrigerator: You’ll have access to a refrigerator in your room, allowing you to store snacks, beverages, and any perishable items you may have.

  4. High-Quality Furnishings: The rooms are furnished with comfortable beds, stylish furniture, and tasteful decor, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

  5. Housekeeping: dedicated housekeeping staff ensures that your room is cleaned regularly, maintaining a fresh and hygienic environment.

Option 2: ExEgypt Apartments
If you prefer a more independent and home-like environment, our ExEgypt Apartments are an excellent choice. These apartments offer above-average quality and are fully equipped and furnished to meet your needs during your summer or winter school program. They provide a comfortable and convenient living space that allows you to focus on your studies while enjoying the comforts of home.


  1. Air Conditioning: Each apartment is air-conditioned, ensuring a comfortable living environment regardless of the weather outside.

  2. Fully Equipped: The apartments come with all the necessary amenities and equipment, including a kitchen with appliances (stove, refrigerator, microwave, etc.), allowing you to prepare your own meals.

  3. Fully Furnished: The apartments are tastefully furnished, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere for relaxation and study.

  4. Independence: With your own apartment, you’ll have the freedom to create your own schedule and have privacy whenever you need it.

  5. Maintenance: Our dedicated maintenance team ensures that the apartments are well-maintained, addressing any issues promptly.

Whether you choose the high-quality hotel rooms or the ExEgypt Apartments, we strive to provide comfortable and convenient accommodations that enhance your summer or winter school experience.