Our Structure

Five heroic doctors who founded EXEGYPT from their passion for international exchange, respect, and love.

The decision-making entity of EXEGYPT, guiding strategic initiatives for global collaboration.

Hosts a summer event welcoming students worldwide for scientific programs and social activities in Egypt.

Organizes a winter event offering scientific programs and social experiences for global students in Egypt.

Hosts the EBSC welcoming aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts with the knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities they need to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape in Egypt.

Facilitates cultural exchange by allowing students to explore Egypt and engage in twinning projects with students from other nations.

Offers the only certified medical electives program in Egypt, providing international visitors with immersive medical experiences.

Provides opportunities for summer work and travel in the USA, fostering personal and professional growth.

Offers internship and trainee programs in the USA for career advancement and skill development.

Enables participants to explore Egypt’s beauty while gaining work experience through immersive programs.

Develops sports skills and talents, promoting excellence and teamwork among participants.

Hosts engaging and educational camps for children, fostering growth and memorable experiences.

Initiates socio-cultural programs to promote understanding and appreciation among diverse populations.

Join us at EXEGYPT in our mission to spread love, respect, and understanding globally.
Welcome to the EXEGYPT family.