A) Scientific Programs: 

1- Emergency Program

You will have lectures on the latest and most relevant topics in Emergency medicine, as well as doing hands-on clinical rounds. You will also have the chance to join surgeries and attend emergency related workshops.

2- Tropical Medicine and Infectious diseases program

You will have lectures on the most commontropical and infectious diseases in Egypt. You will also attend hands-on clinical rounds and attend the endoscopy unit as well as the surgery room.

3- Dental/Maxillofacial Program

You will have lectures, attend surgeries formaxillofacial fractures, visit dentistry clinics to learn about endodontics, dental extractions,and other common topics. 

4- Pharmaceutical Program

You will have lectures on the most commonclinical pharmacy topics, attend laboratory sessions, and pay visits to local pharmacies to learn about the system in Egypt.

5- Diagnostic Radiology Program

You will have the chance to learn about radiography, Ultrasonography, CT, and MRI scans at our Radiology department. 

6- Physiotherapy Program

You will attend lectures on applied anatomy and biomechanics and physiology and learn about physiotherapy clinical skills in clinical rotations.

7- Perioperative Nursing Program

You will learn about the different roles of a perioperative nurse including holding bay, circulating, anesthetic, instrument or scrub nurse, and recovery room. As well as having real clinical practice

-Optional workshop-

Basic laboratory skills workshop

Will be provided by the Center of Research and Development (CRD), in collaboration with WHO

Included Session: DNA Extraction hands-on

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge scientific programs led by renowned experts in their fields. From interactive workshops to inspiring lectures, you’ll gain valuable insights and broaden your knowledge in various disciplines. ExEgypt Winter School is your gateway to unlocking new horizons in science and innovation