Ensuring the safety and security of our students is of utmost importance to us. To provide a secure environment during the summer or winter school, we collaborate closely with various government entities, including the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, and General Intelligence Department. Their combined efforts and expertise allow us to implement comprehensive security measures for the protection and well-being of all participants.

  1. Professional Security Personnel: Our summer school program is supported by a team of highly trained and experienced security personnel. They are well-versed in security protocols, emergency response procedures, and crowd management techniques to ensure a safe environment for all participants.

  2. Vigilant Surveillance: The security team, in collaboration with the relevant government departments, maintains a constant and vigilant surveillance system throughout the program. This includes the use of advanced security technologies, such as CCTV cameras, to monitor the premises and swiftly respond to any potential security concerns.

  3. Access Control: Strict access control measures are implemented to regulate entry and exit points to the summer school premises. Only authorized individuals, including participants, staff, and approved visitors, are granted access, ensuring a controlled and secure environment.

  4. Emergency Preparedness: The security team works in close coordination with emergency response units to develop and implement comprehensive emergency preparedness plans. These plans include procedures for evacuations, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen incidents to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.

  5. Regular Risk Assessments: The Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, and General Intelligence Department conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities. This allows for proactive measures to be taken to mitigate risks and strengthen the overall security framework.

  6. Confidentiality and Privacy: The security personnel and government entities involved in ensuring the security of the summer school program adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy protocols. They respect the privacy of participants and maintain the confidentiality of any personal or sensitive information shared during the program.

  7. Collaborative Approach: The collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, General Intelligence Department, and our summer school team enable a cohesive and effective security approach. Regular communication and information sharing ensure the implementation of the most up-to-date security measures. By partnering with these esteemed government entities, we are committed to providing a secure and safe environment during the summer or winter school program. The combined efforts of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, and General Intelligence Department contribute to an atmosphere where participants can focus on their studies, personal growth, and enjoy a positive and secure learning experience