B) Extra Fun Social Programs:

But it’s not all about science! We understand the importance of socializing, exploring new places, and creating lifelong friendships. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted an array of exciting social programs to complement your learning experience:

– 2 Days in Cairo: Discover the wonders of the ancient world as we explore the majestic pyramids, visit the iconic Sphinx, and wander through the bustling streets of Cairo

– 3 Days in Siwa Oases: Experience the breathtaking beauty of Siwa Oases, where you’ll encounter stunning landscapes, natural hot springs, and the mesmerizing Great Sand Sea.xt and edit me. It’s easy

– 1 Day in Port Said: Embark on an unforgettable journey to Port Said, a city with a rich maritime history. Explore the bustling port, savor delicious local cuisine, and take in the vibrant atmosphere with the semsemya party

– 2 days optional trip to Alexandria: Alexandria, a vibrant coastal city in Egypt, blends ancient history with modern life. It offers stunning Mediterranean beaches, a rich cultural heritage, iconic landmarks, delicious cuisine, and a bustling cosmopolitan atmosphere. Daily Social Programs in Ismailia: Join us for exciting daily social activities, including team building exercises, cultural events, and fun-filled evenings. Create lasting memories and forge friendships that will extend beyond the winter school. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Apply now and secure your spot before it’s too late. Spaces are limited, and demand is high!